Different Types Of Christmas Lighting

Most of us like to have some sort of Christmas lights in our home or outside the house over the holidays and they can definitely add joy to the season. The Christmas lighting industry has evolved over the years, thanks to advances in technology and there are several types of light available to brighten your home, as described below.

Incandescent Bulbs

These have been around for some time and if you don’t want to spend more than you have to on Christmas lights, they are the ideal choice. You can choose from multicoloured bulbs or bulbs that glow a dazzling white, and not surprisingly they remain the most popular type of lighting purchased during the holidays.

LED Christmas Lights

As well as their bright glow, one of the biggest appeals of this type of lighting is its potential savings in energy consumption; you can expect them to last about 20 times as long as the incandescent type of bulb. Another appeal is that they won’t make your house too hot if you use them inside the house as the heat emitted is minimal.

Strand Lights

These Christmas lights are also popular as they are colourful, have a timeless and traditional look, and come in a variety of colours. Stair railings, trees and furniture can all be encircled by these lights, allowing you to be as creative as you want.

Rope Lights

If you are looking for a strong light type that offers plenty of flexibility, rope lighting may be your best choice. These exterior plastic light bulbs are also each connected by a long cable, allowing them to be used over a larger area.

Net Lights

As the name suggests, these lights come attached to a single net like shape which allows you to illuminate a large area quickly, as the net is simply hung up. It means no fiddling about with individual strands. Many homeowners like to use these to decorate their outdoor space and their convenience makes them a popular choice.

Icicle Lights

Another good Christmas lighting choice for anyone on a budget, these lights also appeal as they are easy to install and look great when in place.

Spot Lights

Once you have these in place on your front lawn, the overall effect can be quite dramatic and memorable.

Projector Lights

If you want to quickly and easily light up a large area with variety of colours and effects, projector lighting is the answer. It’s a great choice for anyone who finds the process of putting up Christmas lights to be frustrating and tedious.

Path Lights

Lighting up the front door of your home or illuminating the pathway can make your home look festive and also light the way for guests. Snowflakes and candy canes are just two of the seasonal shapes that are available to light the pathways around the outside of your home.

Inflatable Lights

These inflatable lights come in different sizes, and some of them are really quite large and noticeable. Of course, this type of Christmas lighting is irresistible to most children, and the effect is truly magical once you switch on the lights, which come in the shape of bears, reindeer, jolly Santas and other seasonal characters.